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Want to get started writing that book? Here is an expert tip.

By Ally Berthiaume | January 3, 2022

The first step in starting the book you’ve been wanting to write is to look within. Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser”? I’ve got an expert tip to help with that.

I’m Having a Very Lonnie Christmas. Writing Through Grief.

By Ally Berthiaume | December 23, 2021

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Reflections on the Past Year – Life’s Lessons, Guiding Lights, and Gifts

By Ally Berthiaume | December 3, 2021

This past year hasn’t been perfect or easy but it’s provided a great number of gifts, proving that even in life’s messy moments there is guiding light and beauty.

Lessons Learned From Writing My Book, Dear Universe, I Get it Now

By Ally Berthiaume | October 28, 2021

My book, ‘Dear Universe, I Get It Now’ is turning one this month. I am so proud of what I accomplished in getting my first book out in the world and I want to share with you what I learned.

Truths I Realized Along the Way: Learning to Live With Fears & Recognizing their BS

By Ally Berthiaume | October 19, 2021

Fear and doubt don’t really just up and disappear one day. I just practice living with them, like the roommates you can’t get rid of or the unwanted dinner party guest who accidentally got the invite.

Top 3 Reasons Why I Care About Telling Women’s stories

By Ally Berthiaume | October 1, 2021

Friends and family may have said “you should write a book.” That may be a compliment, but you should write a book because YOU want to and YOU believe in what you have to say.

Blog Cover: Four Fears that Nearly Kept Me From Writing My Memoir: #3 The Perfectionism Monster

Fear and Doubt – Four Fears that Nearly Kept Me From Writing My Memoir: #4 Being Overlooked & Judged

By TWPRT Editor | September 22, 2021

Writing nonfiction and memoir is a tricky business when you’ve got other real people (and not just yourself) to write about.

Letters aren’t dead. an interview with the author of dear universe, i get it now

By TWPRT Editor | September 17, 2021

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Letters Aren’t Dead. An Interview with the Author of Dear Universe, I Get it Now

By Ally Berthiaume | September 17, 2021

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Please Don’t Call My Son a “Heartbreaker” or “Ladykiller”

By Ally Berthiaume | September 15, 2021

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