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Are You Ready to Wield Your Own Mighty Pen?

By Ally Berthiaume | June 6, 2022

Pick up your mighty pen and through the power of your words, change someone’s life; it just may be your own.

Rewrite Your Narrative – You Save Yourself in this One

By Ally Berthiaume | May 2, 2022

Writing a memoir is a way to rewrite your narrative and discover that you saved yourself.

Writing About Darkness: Why I’m Qualified to Help You Write Your Trauma

By Ally Berthiaume | April 4, 2022

I’m often asked, What makes you qualified to help me write about [insert horrible thing here]? This question isn’t really about my qualifications but about trauma.

Begin the Book On Your Bucket List. Part 5: Know Your Story

By Ally Berthiaume | March 8, 2022

Brave the path to the page and learn what steps to take in writing your book. Watch this video to understand the important step of knowing your story.

Expert Tip – Drain the Well of Your Mind and Discover Your Story

By Ally Berthiaume | March 1, 2022

If you can’t answer what your book is about without giving too much information or by giving too little it’s okay. You haven’t discovered your story yet.

Begin the Book On Your Bucket List. Part 4: Know Your Reader

By Ally Berthiaume | February 28, 2022

Watch this video to understand how your reader ISN’T everyone, why focusing on one reader is beneficial, and some ways to create their profile so you know who you’re writing your book to.

Begin the Book On Your Bucket List. Part 3: Know Your Why

By Ally Berthiaume | February 22, 2022

There is a lot to consider when you first get the idea to write a book, such as your motivations. What’s your ‘why’? Why do you want to write a book? What is your reason, or better, the deep mission or purpose for writing this book?

Begin the Book On Your Bucket List. Part 2: Explore Your Idea

By Ally Berthiaume | February 15, 2022

I love to figure out what the book idea wants to be – what direction does it want to go, who does it want to speak to, what does it want to say?

Uncovering the answers to these questions I believe is equal parts taking intentional action to discover the answers AND letting the book reveal itself to you and being open enough to listen.

Begin the Book On Your Bucket List. Part 1: Create Your Book’s Plan

By Ally Berthiaume | February 8, 2022

Fear and doubt don’t really just up and disappear one day. I just practice living with them, like the roommates you can’t get rid of or the unwanted dinner party guest who accidentally got the invite.

Expert Tip – Knowing Your Audience is Critical to Your Book and Here’s Why

By Ally Berthiaume | February 1, 2022

Your audience is the group of people who are going to pick up your book, turn it over in their hands, and determine if they’ll buy it. You need them. A book isn’t for everyone, because not everyone wants to read the same book. Think of who YOU are writing to and your audience will show themselves.