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Storytellers: Artists of the Lost Ark

By Ally Berthiaume | September 11, 2023

Determining the difference between industry crafted stories and the artful forms of genuine storytellers.

Book cover titled a Storytelling Workbook for Beginners

Five Myths About Publishing a Book Aspiring Authors Should Know

By Ally Berthiaume | September 4, 2023

Five myths about publishing a book aspiring authors should know so you can avoid common publishing pitfalls.

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Don’t Climb the Cliffs of Insanity Alone if You Want Your Memoir to Survive

By Ally Berthiaume | August 7, 2023

Writing a memoir is like climbing the Cliffs of Insanity and you shouldn’t do it alone.


The Differences Between Ghostwriting and Writing for Oneself

By Ally Berthiaume | July 19, 2023

My mentor, Ally Berthiaume, has been a ghostwriter since 2018. In an episode of the podcast Living in the Next Chapter, she talks about her career. Ghostwriting has certain aspects many people don’t know about, and it affects Ally’s writing in ways people may not expect.

Princess Bride movie caricatures

You’ve Got Big Buts – The 5 Things Blocking You From Starting Your Book

By Ally Berthiaume | July 5, 2023

It’s time to get rid of those BIG Buts and write your story.

Creating a Great and Mighty Pearl: How I Visualized My Reader Avatar For My Book

By Ally Berthiaume | June 12, 2023

I’ve been in Ally’s Writing Bar and Masterclass for how to write a memoir for over a year now. Last year I went through the process of identifying my ideal reader avatar for my book. Being a business owner, I understand the importance behind identifying your ideal client and how to approach it. Essentially, it is a written description of your ideal reader. This is how I came up with my ideal reader avatar.

5 Things You Want in a Great Book Coach (or Any Publishing Partner)

By Ally Berthiaume | June 5, 2023

Writing and publishing shouldn’t be done in isolation no matter what those old tropes would suggest. Here are the 5 things you want working with a great book coach.

A Neurospicy Discovery

By Ally Berthiaume | May 19, 2023

Does a late-in-life neurodiverse discovery have to change your definition of self?

The Three Pillars of Writing Foundation for Successful Written Work

By Ally Berthiaume | May 2, 2023

Every great piece begins with a strong writing foundation and this is just as true in writing.

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Accepting Change and Embracing Myself During My Golden Girl Years

By Ally Berthiaume | April 10, 2023

The reflection in the mirror bares the truth. My smile lines are growing deeper, the crinkles around my eyes seem to have multiplied, and the skin on my neck is no longer as taut as it used to be. Dare I say it out loud, “I’m getting older.”