Someday my tombstone will read:

She liberated women to speak their truth,

tell their story, and live more bravely as themselves.

Here’s the cliff notes version of what I do:

I ghostwrite for (and guide) badass and brilliant women coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have incredible personal stories of grit, hope, and triumph meant to inspire their audience, transform the masses, and change the 'effin' world.

‘Cause I believe through powerful messaging and authentic story we can connect people, build community and ruffle enough feathers to exact some change.

Whether you’re saying to yourself

I’m finally going to tell this story
so you can cross it off your bucket list

I need to leave this knowledge behind
so it will be a part of your legacy

I’m going to prove my genius and authority
so you can expand your audience and double down on your expertise

I’m going to change the effin’ world with the power of my experience
so you can be a part of the change you wish to see or

I have to say it out loud and release it
so you can set yourself free

I’ve got your back, Sister.

Whatever your motivation for telling your story and writing your book,
I’m your ghostwriter, guide, and girlfriend, and I’m here to brave the path with you.
Be it you want me to write your story or you want me to coach you how to do it yourself,
we’ve got work to do. 

Debbie Burns

“Ally is a phenomenal writer and incredible human. I love working with her! Part of her magic is in helping you find the powerful story among all the words and crafting it in a way that reaches into the hearts of your readers. There are a lot of people on the market who offer ghostwriting. I wouldn’t trust any of them but Ally to tell my story.”

Soul Seer, Mindset Coach, and Unicorn

Here’s the thing you must have
before you work with me:

I’m not kidding about this.

If you’re not completely confident in your ‘why’ (why are you wanting to write this book) you’ll be wasting a lot of time, energy, and money doing something your heart is only half in and we’ll be having a miserable time in the process. 

If it’s not your Why that has you tripped up but the twins, Doubt and Fear (who I know all too well as a writer), then that’s a whole other story. 

Fear and Doubt show up to make you think:

  • What you have to say doesn’t matter
  • You have no business writing a book
  • Your story is just like everyone else’s
  • No one will care about it

And a whole bunch of other bull shit meant to throw you off the path.

(As a friend once said to me when I was writing my own book, “You shoosh those beetches.” And while I hate the b-word, I had to agree with him.) 

Fear and Doubt I can help you overcome and learn to live with, but I can’t turn you on to your own tale. 

Your passion for your story and braving the path to the blank page has to already be kindled. I’ve got plenty of magic and brilliance to offer, but making you go all wild for your own story isn’t one. 

You have to believe in it first. You have to know in your heart that you WANT to WRITE THIS STORY and that you’re ready to.  


I couldn’t have said it better myself…


collaborate. create. channel.


collaborator package

Let's sit back and envision your book, talk about your story, and crystallize what you’re trying to say. I promise our time together will be like getting together with that bestie to talk over coffee and dive deep into all the things living inside your heart when it comes to the tale you want to tell. It'll be casual but impactful, laid back but productive. We’ll talk, map, outline, plan.

Our objectives:

Outline and strategize your book. We’ll find it’s heartbeat. Diagram it’s story arc. Draft its table of contents and chapter abstracts which will serve as a roadmap. This is one part consultation, one part you write some stuff, one part I write some stuff.

$7800, 6 payments of $1300


creator package

Nothing quite like boots and blue jeans for getting through the wear and tear of bringing your book to life. Want to get some serious writing done and kick that book into high gear? Well, these boots were made for walking… and your pen was made for writing. 

We’ll be sloshing through the muck and mud of writing your story. Let's move those words outta your heart and head and onto the page.

Our objectives:

By the time our work is done, your manuscript will be drafted and you’ll know the next steps to take to birth your book into the world. It's coaching + confidence building + accountability + actual writing all rolled into one.

$14,030, 10 payments of $1403


channeling package

Time to hit the books. You've got a book inside you that you're gnawing on. It’s time to write it. By the time we're done that book you've been dreaming about will finally be 'in the bag.'

Our Objectives:

Identify the story and then I Ghost the manuscript, you review it and call it yours. I'll walk you through manuscript development and provide you your publishing roadmap of next steps. 

Starting at $22K
payment plan available

Susan Lynch

“As a first time author I knew the story I wanted to tell but I was overwhelmed as to how to go about it. Ally was with me every step of the way as part teacher, coach, organizer, cheerleader and word wizard. From our very first meeting, she put me at ease with her friendly demeanor and organizational skills, making each step of the book journey a manageable bite. Ally made all the difference in providing the details that made my story compelling and in my own voice. She is a master at helping you craft the story that you are destined to share with the world.”

Founder of Life with Rune, forthcoming Author

P.S. I am clumsy as fuck but I do make an amazing confidence cheerleader.

You Have A Book Waiting To Be Written..


If you know what the story is but don’t know what to do with it, work with me to leverage it. Try Sips a Latte.

If you know what it is and how to use it but you don’t want to write it or write it alone, work with me to make it happen. Try Boots and Blue Jeans or Book in a Bag.


There is power, my dear, to influence and transform others through your shared experience, your wisdom and insight, and all of that lives inside your story.

There is power to reach more people than just the individual or small group because when you write a book, it now has more places to go, more people to serve.

There is power of leaving behind your story for your family and following because a book would be a tangible something they can have, hold, and cherish, which may be more meaningful to them than leaving behind the business you’ve created.

Most importantly, there is power in discovering that you are the hero of your own story, you are brilliant, you are bold, you are badass, and you have been this entire time, didn’t you know?

Shannara Johnson

I had a fantastic experience! Honestly, I thought I was already so far along in my planning that I was worried I wouldn’t know what to talk about with Ally for 90 minutes… and then the time just flew by and I realized all kinds of things I hadn’t thought of! I loved how she completely met me at the place I was at, even though my topic is anything but run of the mill and I bet 99.9% of other writing coaches would have been out of their depth. I loved it so much, I wish I could stuff her ‘Ally input’ in little baggies and open one up every morning. I’ll be sure to book more coaching sessions with her as I move along.

Writer, Author, Reformed Law of Attraction Blogger