Bravely Write Your Book This Year. No More Excuses.

This post is the first in our 2024 guest blog post series Bravely Write Your Book.
Learn from publishing professionals and authors how to bravely write your book.

Hey, everyone, Ally here. But only for this one post. Following this one, you’ll be hearing from publishing professionals and authors in my inner circle who are bringing to you their learned wisdom and insight in my year-long series Bravely Write Your Book. Why am I doing a whole year of guest blog posts? Because I’m not the only one out here in the world who wants to see your book make it into the world.

I mean, it’s a brand new year, my friend. The turn of the calendar page to January signals the clock has been reset. Isn’t it beautiful that another ‘new day’ has dawned? And I’m not actually being literal–I’m talking about having another chance. Another chance to change the things you’ve been telling yourself you will work on (like your exercise routine or drinking habits…) or to pursue the passions and dreams you’ve put on top of a high shelf (like taking that painting class or going on a road trip by yourself…). But because of what we do in the world, we’re specifically hoping that what you have in mind is that you’ll FINALLY bravely write your book this year.

Let me say that one more time (especially since it’s so good for SEO): It’s finally time to bravely write your book.

No more waiting for the perfect ‘someday.’ No more excuses and justifications as to why you absolutely can’t, mustn’t, shouldn’t. No more overthinking it, crushing yourself with panic, and overwhelm because you don’t know everything there is to know. Has anyone who ever did something for the very first time known everything before they’ve begun? Hell no.

My aim with the content of this blog is to help you take baby steps in getting started. To help you stop self-sabotaging and stalling…To get you thinking differently about writing a book…To give you practical tips and suggestions for moving forward…To support you in bravely writing your book.

I’ve intentionally selected 11 individuals from my inner circle to speak to various aspects of being brave and writing your book. They’ve all been interviewed and asked the same questions but also asked to answer them through a unique lens of writing a book. No two interviews are alike and each is packed with awesome insight for you to take on your book-writing journey.

Through this series, you’ll learn to bravely write your book in terms of

  • Sharing your story
  • Saying the difficult things (things that hold shame or stigma)
  • Taking action toward something you've never done (like writing a book)
  • Receiving or providing constructive feedback
  • "Outing" yourself or outing your secrets
  • Seeing something all the way through to the finish line
  • Learning something new like writing a book
  • Pursuing a passion for writing
  • Being seen and heard through your writing
  • Believing in yourself and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Following your intuition

Bravely Write Your Book is a series you won’t want to miss. So be sure to stay tuned and check back here each month for the latest installment. With this year’s wisdom from publishing pros and authors across the world, you’ll finally bravely write your book with no more excuses.

While you wait for the next blog post in this series to drop, don’t forget about these two free and readily available resources.

  1. The 5-Step Writing Guide to Starting (and Finishing) Your Memoir. It’s time to light up your world and ours with your story.
  2. My 20-minute Story Stroll where you and I get to talk openly and honestly about the book you’re feeling tapped to write. Let me help you take the next best step on your journey.

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