Rewriting the Stories We Tell

Yesenia Reinoso is an award-winning and thirteen-year transformative bilingual storyteller, content creator, public relations practitioner, and entrepreneur. In June 2021, she founded Y Communicate, a platform where people create impact through storytelling. Y Communicate assists clients in establishing and maximizing their brand reputation, voice, and identity. “We help businesses tell their story that’s authentic and credible through corporate communications.”

Returning to the power of communication

She started Y Communicate to not only share her own story but to return to the basics of why we communicate in the first place and how to do so truthfully and ethically. Y Communicate offers resources, workshops, and other essential communication tools to reinvent the ways we communicate and to give the power back to storytellers who want to deliver more authentic messaging. Through the power of media literacy, Reinoso’s clients can identify and utilize the media outlets that best align with their message and the ways their audience wants to consume content.

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About Startup Stories

Startup Stories is a photography project by women in business for women in business! We are a fierce team on a mission to ensure fellow female bosses shine bright and get the visibility they deserve. Audrey Tappan of Hued and Angela Acosta of Angela Atelier are on a mission to capture the essence of 100 kick-ass entrepreneurs through their lenses to create a visual feast of empowerment and success.

Ally Berthiaume, of The Write Place, Right Time writes their article for Moondust Magazine, featured by Carina Dietz, boosting visibility and credibility.

This project is not just about photos; it's about building a community where we lift each other. A shout out goes to Melanie Cunningham of Melanie Cunningham Law, for her strategic advice and we move along this path.


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