Begin the Book On Your Bucket List. Part 4: Know Your Reader

I one hundred percent believe that when you embark on the book-writing journey that your motivation (your ‘why’) begins with you. But, your book can’t be only about what you want and need. There’s someone else you have to consider, a BIG someone, and that’s your audience. Knowing your audience is crucial to the success of your book.

Watch this video to understand how your reader ISN’T everyone, why focusing on one reader is beneficial, and some ways to create their profile so you know who you’re writing your book to. (Notice I didn’t say ‘for.’ You’re writing the book for you… it just can’t be only about you. 😉)

Never thought about this before? Wondering what other things you haven’t considered in writing a book?

Grab my Book Planning Scorecard. Just how prepared are you for writing that book?




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