Begin the Book On Your Bucket List. Part 2: Explore Your Idea

One of my favorite stages of the book life cycle (or creation process) is when a new book idea first comes to me. I love, love, love idea generation because ANYTHING is possible in the beginning. 

I love to figure out what the book idea wants to be – what direction does it want to go, who does it want to speak to, what does it want to say? 

Uncovering the answers to these questions I believe is equal parts taking intentional action to discover the answers AND letting the book reveal itself to you and being open enough to listen. 

Inside this short video, I discuss how in the beginning, the book idea is like a corn kernel just waiting to pop. I talk about how this is a fun, exploratory stage and some ways you can spend your time during this part of the process, complete with some questions you can be asking yourself. 

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