Hire a Writer Who Can Develop Content with your Ideal Avatar in Mind

"Content development is more about who is listening than it is what you know."

You don't want to develop content for content's sake. I mean, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Your content should be developed with your audience in mind. Specifically, your content should speak to your ideal avatar - your unicorn, your big fish, your dream client.

Content development is more about who is listening than it is what you know.

If you’re just talking about “all the things” to everyone, it’s a bunch of noise. Similarly, if you’re talking about the wrong things to the wrong people. No one will receive anything. A colleague and friend of mine would say, “You don’t want to sell dog food to cat people.”  If you’re talking to someone specifically about what they need or want, their ears will perk up (no pun intended).

Knowing who you’re writing to is important to have your message received. It’s also important when you’re bringing on a content writer to take on this part of your business for you. Your content writer needs to know your VIP as much as they need to know you and your business or the type of content writing you want them to do.

Knowing your very important person, allows your content writer to envision your audience clearly as they develop content. Specifically, you wrtier needs to know what your avatar wants and needs.

This results in your writer producing more engaging and effective copy because your audience will feel seen and heard all while still feeling it’s coming from you - wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Envisioning the Ideal Avatar

If you don’t yet have a customer profile or a buyer persona developed, I would start there. This will not only help you clarify who you’re targeting in your content but also in other business areas such as sales. Let’s assume, instead, you have one of these profiles, maybe even complete with a picture (yes, an real photograph) and a name. Share all of these things with your content writer. Let them know what your ideal avatar does for work, what they do after work, whether they have children or are married, what motivates them, and what pains them, what they desire and need. The more details you can provide your content writer, the clearer the image of your audience becomes. The clearer that image, the more focused they can be in their content.

Think about when you prepare to meet with someone for the first time - either for a complimentary consult or the first meeting you’ve set up in your work together. Do you show up blindly, knowing nothing about them? No. You Google them. You digest what you can about them so you know something about them ahead of time. So you can prepare, perhaps, what you’ll say or how you’ll spend your time before that call takes place. You focus your approach based on what you now know about them. This is in essence what your newly hired writer can do when they understand your avatar.

Writing to the Ideal Avatar - So They Feel Seen & Heard

Now consider the moment in the first conversation - between you and that lead/new client - where you’re able to address something you noticed or read about them before meeting. I bet nine out of ten times, that person feels safe, seen, and heard because you took the time to get to know something about them before you spoke to them. This begins to establish likeability and trust. Now they’re open to engaging more with you and to receive more of what you have to offer.

Again, this translates to your content writer. When your content writer knows what makes your audience tick, stay stuck, or stay awake at night they can develop content that is way more focused to the needs, wants, fears, and motivations of your audience. You’re content when focused on your audience and driven by serving them with valuable insights or information that is relevant to them, will perform better and convert more. All because your audience felt like you took the time to really consider them in what you put out there by way of content.

Writing to the Ideal Avatar - So You Feel Seen & Heard

Even if you weren’t the one who wrote it - you know, because you hired a content writer for that - the whole goal here is that your audience feels the message came from you with them in mind. Your content writer will write as though they’re you, adapting your tone, voice, and style. If done well, your audience won’t know. And, honestly, they probably won’t care. They’ll receive your content as coming from you in the universal sense.

But if that content writer is really kick-ass, they’ll be able to make you feel as understood as your audience does. Through ghostwriting as if they are you - able to capture your essence, your passion for your work, and your main messaging - they establish that they see and hear you as much as they see and hear your audience. They can look at your audience and understand what messages they need to receive and they can look at you and know how to deliver them.

Your writer needs to know your ideal avatar so they can develop content specific to that persona. With a deep knowledge of your audience and of you and your business, an exceptional content writer can speak to your audience so they feel understood while speaking as you, so you feel understood, too. As such, your content writer masters two voices: yours and your clients’ which keeps content authentic, engaging, and focused and results in better business relationships and marketing.

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