You’ve Got Big Buts – The 5 Things Blocking You From Starting Your Book

You’ve got big buts and you can’t deny that other authors can’t defy when a book walks in with a fuzzy little face… Okay, I’m not going to go any further trying to Weird-Al the lyrics to Sir Mix- A-Lot’s notable (and catchy) song. But now that I’ve got your attention let’s tap into the ‘round thing in your face’ blocking you from getting started on your book. You’ve got five big buts that are keeping you from writing a damn thing down. No words, no book. ‘Cause you ain’t got none unless you got words, hun…'

Here are the 5 Big Buts.

Big But #1 - You Want to Write a Book BUT You Don't Know Where to Start

Lots of people get that sweet nudge or whisper to write a book for any number of reasons. Some have had that itch for a long time, having ‘write a book’ on their bucket list for years. Yet, when they try to actually conceive of writing a book, they draw a total blank as to where to even begin. They have the idea of a book but not necessarily for a book. There’s a difference. Wanting to write a book is one thing. Knowing how to do that and where to begin is another.

Big But #2 - You Have an Idea for a Book BUT It's Not That Clear

Others have the vague and fuzzy idea for a book. Oftentimes a broad concept or theme that they believe they’ve got enough to say about inside a book. But, then how do they take the concept or theme and refine it so that they speak with specificity, authority, and credibility and the reader gets something out of it? You must have a crystallized or fully cooked idea before you go to sit in front of the blank page.

Big But #3– You’ve Lived a Full Life BUT You’re Not Sure How to Narrow it Down

For those people working on memoir (books about their life), they get overwhelmed thinking about all of their lived experiences. With such a full and nuanced life, and for many, a life filled with trauma and adversity, the idea of making sense of their life story and putting it down onto the page for the reader is too much to consider.


Big But #4– You’ve Been Told Repeatedly You Should Write a Book BUT You’re Not Sure What Goes Into the Book

I hear it all the time—“So many people have told me I should write a book.” I’m not talking about people saying that to me. I’m talking about clients telling me that people have said it to them. And while it’s good to get that personal cheerleading from people who know and love you, it’s not exactly a recipe for knowing what exactly one should say or include inside this book they ‘should’ write.

Big But #5– You Know What You Want to Write BUT You’re Not Sure Who Will Care

Then there are those people who KNOW what they want to write, what to say, and what they want their reader to walk away with but, they’re terrified that no one will give a shit. They know why the material matters to them, but they’re doubtful it’ll matter to anyone else. These folks need to explore the deeper emotional pieces of their idea to find the relevance to others. It’s there but many don’t know how to go looking for it.

Time to face the music. Time to lose those five big buts so you can actually make good on this promise, dream, or ambition to write a book. Don’t let your buts stand in the way of your book.

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