‘Twas the Eve of a New Year When You Wrote the Book on Your Bucket List

Bucket List - write your memoir

It’s the end of another year. Did writing the book on your bucket list get crossed off or are you still waiting for the ‘right time’? Will this coming year finally be the year that you get your ass in the chair and do something about it? 

Here’s a holiday poem from me to you, encouraging you to quit saying ‘someday’ and make 2023 the year to actualize the book on your bucket list. And by this time next year, maybe, just maybe, your book will be the gift you give yourself, your readers, and the world. 

‘Twas the eve of a new year, and all in your mind

Was the dream of your name written on a paperback spine; 

And your book stood tall on the shelf with such care,

In hopes that its readers soon would be there; 

Yes, your vision was so clear in your head, 

You wondered how you’d ever get to bed.


Your life comes in flashes, and your memories dart,

Now, how to craft them and turn them into art?

You spring from your bed, unable to sleep,

Perhaps it’s time to write your book, take the leap. 


Away to your laptop, you go with bed hair, 

Pull up a document with a story to share.

The blank page stares back at you, the light shining so brightly,

You know you want to write this and do it so rightly.


When, what to your wandering mind should appear, 

Some limiting thoughts, some doubt, and some fear. 

But with courage and drive, you push down on one key,

And another, and another, and now you have three. 


You know in that moment you can write a book, 

So you keep typing and never backward do you look.

Your heart pounds and your fingertips soar,

You’re feeling free and wondering why you didn’t try this before.


“You got this, you do,” you hear yourself say, 

Encouraging you every step of the way.

Now to the next page, how the pages did fly,  

When you just stayed focused, unasking why. 


You know in your heart you have something to share,

And at least one person out there, I promise, will care.

So keep on the path, braving the page,

Honor your story, and let it out of the cage.


With your truth spoken and so beautifully said,

Some other’s soul will be beautifully fed.

Your story will move mountains and make others feel seen,

Don’t question your message, the right ones will know just what you mean.


It’ll have its own magic in its own special way,

Reaching the people who need what you say.

Like a bundle of toys stuck under a tree, 

Your book is a gift, just wait and see. 

By doing this thing of writing a book,

You’ll recognize you had all that it took.

You’ve lived to tell your story, your tale

And you cross it off your list without fail.


With a wink of your eye and a twist of your head,

You realized then, you must get to bed. 

You achieved a dream, did something profound,

So into the sheets you leap with a bound. 


And inside the covers all nestled and cozy,

Your outlook was bright, hopeful, and rosy.

For you honored your journey in all of its parts,

Seeing you were your own hero right from the start.


Perhaps most importantly, the thing you must know,

Writing your story offers hope with a bow.

Now hear me clearly when I do say

We need you to write your story and quit saying ‘someday.’ 

Please don’t let another 12 months go by before you write the book on your bucket list. Set the intention and give yourself permission to pursue this goal in the new year. You won’t be sorry. Your book will liberate you from the past, help you reframe old narratives, show you how you’ve been the hero of your own story the whole time, offer hope to others, and so many more things. In short, your book is a gift to you and us. Are you going to deny us that? I hope not. 


Would you like to go walking with me and tell me your story? I’d love to hear about what’s holding you up from writing the book on your bucket list and help you see how your book is a gift to you and me. (I didn’t actually mean to rhyme that line but it happens from time to time. 😉)

If you’re interested in a 20-min virtual walk and talk (I’ll call you like old times), email me to find a time.

I’d love to hear from you, walk with you, and hold space for the book you need to write in the new year. 


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