Now Presenting The Brave Little Blog

I am changing things up around here and gettin’ focused and brave with this blog.

Before now this blog was a hodge-podge of different subjects and ideas that I had in my head. It was previously called Another.Blog. - that’s how scattered it was.

Now I’m refocusing and rebranding this space and I’m super excited about it. So, what’s it going to be focused on you ask? We are going all in on BRAVERY.

I’m even naming it “The Brave Little Blog.”

What is bravery? I feel like bravery is a word kind of like success - you define it for yourself.

Bravery can be a great many things; from choosing the right path for yourself, to breaking up with the wrong person, to simply choosing to do something for yourself (instead of putting everyone else first all the time). Bravery can also be standing up for what you believe in or trying a class for the first time in an area you know nothing about.

Bravery can be anything if it’s pushing you beyond your comfort zone and expanding your sense of self and the world!

I’m really pumped to be spending more time talking about all of these things. I’m so excited to go on this journey with you.

Photo by Juan Camilo Navia on Unsplash

To begin, ask yourself: How are you brave in your life? Does it make you wanna run away screaming or do a happy dance? How do you even start? I hope you will share your answers with me by posting in the comments. (I promise to respond… I just can't promise when. Just being honest.)

Whether you have an answer for those questions or not, no matter what:

Be Brave.

Be Bold.


It’s time.

(You’ve heard me say this once or twice, yes? Why I didn’t realize THIS should be the focus of my blog before now, I have no idea. It took me writing my first damn book to figure this out. And yeah, ‘brave’ is in the subtitle.)

Because when you are brave in your path, whatever that might be, you show up more authentically as yourself. When you show up more authentically as yourself, I believe that is when the better things in life come to you. Why? Because when the Universe sees you smiling at yourself, lovin’ all your good and bad bits, it smiles down on you, too.

Let’s be brave together!

4 thoughts on “Now Presenting The Brave Little Blog”

  1. Cool stuff!!! I want to expand my horizon in the bravery area. I have a empty nest, but I continue to hold on to my grown sons so tightly, I can’t imagine what it would be like to fly away and be free. They say I hover and I know it’s true. LOL

  2. I LOVE IT! Funny how long it takes for us to realize some things, isn’t it? I had one of those moments recently myself (nothing earth shattering) and it will make visiting my little oasis here in Vermont a WHOLE lot easier in the future.

    Thank you for encouraging all of us to be braver. We all need a good kick in the pants now and then to remind us that life can be SO much more than this moment.

    And it really doesn’t matter what our lives were before or (dare I say) who we even said/thought we were in our past. Every moment is a chance for change – to scale the wall that we think has enclosed us because the world around is falling apart. No, opportunity awaits – IF one is brave enough to step out of their comfort zone to do something scary and new to grow into the life they want.

    Maybe we just need to shift our understanding of who we are, how powerful we were born to be, and take a step (like you have) toward our dreams.

    As someone really famous once said (I think?) – WE must be the change we want to see. And they were absolutely right!

    Bravo, Ally – you did it!


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