5-day in-person immersive writing experience where luxury, learning, healing, and writing come together in a safe, accepting, and loving container so you can write the memoir that will light up your world and ours.

Thursday, September 28 - Monday, October 2, 2023
3-pay option available

Exclusive to only seven aspiring memoirists who need devoted time to work on their book.


Escape from regular life for a few days to retreat to the beautiful, peaceful surroundings of the fall foliage in Saratoga, NY and stay in a luxurious contemporary modern home complete with amenities such as a heated pool, spa tub, your own bedroom, and more. You’ll be a guest of honor and treated like royalty from the moment you arrive to the moment you head back home.


Study the art and craft of memoir with your host–an award-winning author, international book coach, and ghostwriter–through group writing lessons and individual 1:1 coaching sessions throughout the course of the experience. You’ll learn how to craft a compelling memoir, look at your work with an editorial eye, and deepen your understanding of the story you’re telling.


Activate new healing and transformation as you honor your experiences and speak your Truth in powerful group sessions and as you work each day on writing your book. Lean into a variety of of self-care items and activities made available to you as you work intimately with your story and find sisterhood in the community of others who have gathered for the experience.


Spend dedicated, uninterrupted (and uncensored) hours each day to actually write thousands of words to your manuscript and receive supportive, constructive feedback as you go. Identify your strengths and areas of opportunity within your writing to help propel you through the first draft even after you leave.


We believe that memoirs connect us on the human level because they illustrate the most profound pieces of our messy and beautiful human experience.

When we write memoirs, we activate a part of our own healing through the honoring of our experiences, the strengthening of our voice, and the rewriting of the narrative we’ve been telling ourselves. Memoirs allow us to be seen, heard, and connected.

Our memoir also has the power to activate someone else’s healing and offers a lens for understanding their own experience, and so sets off a ripple motion.

The more healed people in the world, the more healed our world becomes.

Your memoir has the power to light up your world and ours.

Come write the book you wish to see in the world.


Time Description
9:00 Warm up/intention-setting for the day
9:30 Writing Time
12:00 Lunch and self-care (or more writing time if you wish)
1:30 Craft & Publishing class
3:00 Writing Time
5:30 Personal Time
6:30 Group Dinner
7:30 After Dinner Salon(critique/workshop)
8:30 Personal time or communal gathering

*Each participant will receive two individual 30-min coaching sessions over the course of the weekend in addition to the group coaching, class, and critique and will receive instructor feedback on written portions of their work 



Alyssa Berthiaume is the founder of The Write Place, Right Time, her virtual boutique of book coaching and ghostwriting services. As a writing guide or ghost, Berthiaume serves leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries across North America and Europe who know they have the power to activate healing (their own and their readers’) by sharing their stories and spreading their message. She supports her clients in writing the book that will light up their world and ours. Berthiaume is also the award-winning author of Dear Universe, I Get it Now: Letters on the Art and Journey of Being Brave and Being Me. If you can catch her away from the keyboard, she's probably drinking Maple Lattes, watching The Princess Bride for the thousandth time, solving the latest Hunt-a-Killer case, or having fun with her husband and son.


LMykins 2020

Lynelle Mykins has been working with The Write Place, Right Time since 2020. Ally and Lynelle met at a live event in St. Louis just a few days after Ally walked out of her day job. Lynelle was the first contract hire Ally made and neither has looked back. (Ally cannot exist without Lynelle.) They've developed a fabulous friendship and working partnership over the last three years and Lynelle now serves as TWPRT's Online Business Manager. Lynelle is one of Ally's favorite people even though the first time they ever shared a bed at a separate event, night terrors were involved. (You can ask them about that over the weekend. Don't worry.) Lynelle is also local to Saratoga and knows the area well, and makes one hell of a charcuterie board which we hope she'll be gracing us all with. Lynelle's role as Den Mother for the weekend will be to support our food, drink (read: wine), and self-care needs and help Ally host one hell of a luxurious, productive, and cozy writing experience for you all. If you'd like to know more about Lynelle and her business, visit lmykinsva.com


“Ally's weekend intensive is an experience in both deep self-insight and the journey of memoir-writing. I left the weekend having learned as much about myself as I might have if I attended a retreat, while also getting a massive jump start on the actual writing of my memoir. Ally found the sweet spot between creating a supportive, safe, and spiritually grounded environment and providing an educational and technically meaningful experience. And she mixed in laughter and fun throughout the weekend! We ate well, I put myself out in my most vulnerable, I wrote a huge chunk of my story, and I walked away with a clear path toward completing my memoir. Not to mention that Ally is just an incredible human with whom I loved spending time! It's a must-do for anyone struggling to find the time and space to really get rolling on a memoir–especially one that is rooted in hard things.” 

–P.A., forthcoming author, Until Love Lives Here


  • Thousands of words written you didn’t have before
  • Understanding the qualities of a compelling memoir  
  • Knowing your writing strengths and areas of opportunity
  • Valuable, constructive feedback on pieces of your draft
  • Self-care practices to incorporate into your writing journey
  • Expert guidance and industry insight into the later stages of book development and publishing 
  • Your personalized plan for continuing on the writing path and finishing your draft 


First and foremost, you must be a loving and kind human who feels silenced or marginalized and feel called to write a book about your life experiences.

If that’s a whole ‘hell yess’ in your heart, then try these next ones on for size. 

  • I have an outline for my memoir but have little to no words drafted 
  • I am not getting anywhere by trying to do this alone and am looking for the designated time and space to work on my book and gain some momentum 
  • I need and want expert guidance on writing a memoir that I’ll be proud of and that people will care about 
  • I am safely beyond the hard life events I want to write about (read: I’m not right in the middle of a current trauma)
  • I have done some healing work but believe writing my story will activate further healing 
  • I am willing to be vulnerable and feel emotionally ready to put myself out there by working on my book in a safe space 
  • I can and will invest time, energy, and money to write my memoir
  • I’m willing to draft 1-3 chapters of my memoir ahead of time to get the most out of my experience 
  • I understand that I won’t complete the entire first draft during the five-day experience 

Not all of us are brave enough to write it. 

But you, my friend, are. 

You have all that it takes.

Bravery. Brilliance. Strength. Grit. 

Are you ready to commit to the journey? 

Are you ready to write your book? 


Pricing includes your accommodations for the duration of your stay (Thursday night-Monday morning), all meals and materials, onsite support, and expert guidance, education, feedback, and coaching. 

Travel arrangements and insurance are separate from the prices listed and not included the cost.

Plan Price
Pay In Full $4250.00
3-Pay Option Three Payments of $1417.00 (Payments due the same day each consecutive month as the first paymen)

Choose your payment option when you register

Please note,  if you must cancel, your payment(s) are transferable towards a future retreat or 1:1 coaching.

I do not offer refunds.

living room


Enjoy the private luxury lifestyle of a 7,000+ square foot estate-like home. Spacious and centrally located in Saratoga Springs, NY on 10 acres of private property. Step outside of this luxury home and enjoy your own private oasis which includes a large in-ground heated pool and hot tub. Each participant will have their own room for the duration of their stay.

***These are a few photos from the reserved accommodations. Not all bedrooms are the same as the one depicted but each participant will have a private room assigned to them.