Should I Write a Book? The Q&A Guide to Help You Answer that Very Question

Hey Sister, I wrote this guide for you.

See, I’ve talked with a lot of women
about writing their books and a lot
of the questions they ask are the same.

Questions like:

What’s the process?

Why do people write books?

Will I get my money back?

Want the answers?
So You Want to Write a Book...The Q&A Guide (1)-1

You’ve got questions about writing a book and I’ve got answers.


The 10 Questions You Want to Ask Before You Get Started on Your Book

..and, of course, the answers. From “Should I write a book?” to “How do I write a book?” to “What type of book should I write?”

Mini Exercises and Checklist 

Complete the exercises to decide if you should write a book, understand your reasons why, and know the process.

Flow Chart of Book Types

Start at the top of the chart that lists your motivations for writing a book and then follow the arrows to the type of book you should write.

Nuts and Bolts to Help You Plan

Think ways to write your book, things to consider about working with someone else, understanding the book lifecycle.


1. Why do people write books?

2. People are saying, “Why don’t you write a book?” Is that a good enough reason to write one?

3. How do I know what type of book I should write?

4. How can I go about writing a book that doesn’t feel so overwhelming?

5. Why do people choose to work with someone and not just write it by themselves?

6. What’s the process like when you work with someone else to write a book?

7. Why does it cost so much to work with a ghostwriter?

8. What’s my investment and return on investment?

9. What can I do to make this go quickly and cost less?

10. Is there a reason to not write a book?


Snatch it up.

Read it.

Do the exercises.

Make a decision.

Choose a path.



Grab your free eBook and guide and inside you’ll have:

  • An intro & how-to section to set you on your way
  • 20 pages of fabulous expert-informed content 
  • 10 common questions with answers about writing your book 
  • exercises to help you decide for yourself
  • 4 sidebars of highlights 
  • 3 charts, including the flowchart What Type of Book Should I Write?
  • All the ways to work with me after you've decided how to brave the path to the page

By the time you’ve finished reading and completing the short exercises, you’ll know if writing a book is right for you and what next steps you want to take.

I hope you find this guide useful for taking the next step in braving your path to the page.